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Grippy Brand Masking Tape
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Grippy Brand Stationery Tape

  Grippy Brand Masking Tape

Grippy Brand Masking Tapes are manufactured by coating the finest quality natural cured rubber adhesive on crepe paper. These tapes have the advantages of excellent grip, easy tear and are non damaging to the layer to be protected. All these qualities make Grippy Brand Masking Tapes most suitable for bundling, sealing and light and heavy duty paint masking jobs. Surfaces may include plastic, metal and wood.
  Product Characteristics/Applications

Product Name Adhesive Usage Characteristic
Grippy Brand Masking Tape Cured Rubber Adhesive. Bundling, Sealing and Light & Heavy Duty Paint Masking Jobs. Non Damaging to the Applied Layer, Works on Plastic, Metal & Wood, Excellent Grip, Easy to tear and Easy to apply, Both Moderate Temperature & High Temperature Tapes Available.

  Product Specifications

0.132mm TAPE
Thickness (mm) 0.132
Tensile Strength (N/10mm) 36.2
Elongation At Break (%) 9
Adhesion (N/10mm) 4.31

0.178mm TAPE
Thickness (mm) 0.178
Tensile Strength (N/10mm) 43.1
Elongation At Break (%) 9
Adhesion (N/10mm) 4.85

  • The technical specifications above refer to the average value only and may be altered without notice.
  • Please contact us if there is any enquiry.

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