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Product Catalogue
Double Sided Tapes

Grippy Brand D/S EVA Foam Tape
Grippy Brand D/S Tissue Tape
Electrical Tapes

Oshima PVC Electrical Tape
Packaging Tapes

Grippy Brand OPP Packaging Tape
Masking Tapes

Grippy Brand Masking Tape
Stationery Tapes

Grippy Brand Stationery Tape

  ZIL Brands
They look the same, but they're very different! Our brands of self adhesive tapes can be used in any situation. Some tapes are used in familiar places such as homes and offices. Some tapes are in the spotlight in cutting-edge fields such as Industrial Packaging, Electronics and Medicine. There are also tapes that play less obvious roles. For example, they help to ensure reliable electricity supply, day and night, or support building and subway construction from behind the scenes. The fields of use of adhesive tapes are virtually limitless. However, even if their roles are different, all tapes support a common mission...contributing to people and society. Looking at our current abundant lifestyle, we find our brands of adhesive tapes at work in a variety of fields.
ZIL Brands, famous all over include:-
  • Grippy Brand
  • Grippy Xtra
  • Panda Brand
  • Panda Plus
  • Tokio Brand
  • Olympia Brand
  • Olympia Plus
  • Oshima Brand
Besides these brands ZIL also specializes in O.E.M manufacturing.

186, Industrial Estate, Jamrud Road, Peshawar, Pakistan
Tel: +92-91-5810330, +92-91-5822838 Fax: +92-91-5810193
e-mail: info@ziltapes.com