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  Grippy Brand Double Side EVA Foam Tape

Grippy Brand Double Side EVA Foam Tapes are produced by coating strong Solvent Based adhesive on both sides of EVA Foam, and separated by release paper. Grippy Brand Double Side Foam has the qualities of high adhesion and smooth thickness. This makes it suitable for family decoration, steadying and car decoration. It is ideal for books and documents sealing, notice and advertisement sticking.
  Product Characteristics/Applications

Product Name Adhesive Usage Characteristic
Grippy Brand Double Side EVA Foam Tape Solvent-Based Acrylic Adhesive. Light-weight advertisement board, papers, POP, acrylic bulletin board. High Adhesion, which can be used for anti-vibration and filling the uneven as well as stationery combination, etc. High Cohesion.

  Product Specifications

Imprint Possible Yes
Thickness (mm) 1.00
Tensile Strength (kg/25mm) 2
Elongation At Break (%) 90
Adhesion (kg/25mm) 1.80

  • The technical specifications above refer to the average value only and may be altered without notice.
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